Saturday, 6 August 2016

Why ask your neighbors when you have it in your own fridge?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with neighbors is always agreeable, especially when it comes to sharing most of a country’s border with a nation whom we can only consider as a “well-wisher” ally.
Certain debates are expected when such statements are boldly made as the whole idea of being a supportive ally seems a bit cliche to many. Without wasting time on such debates it is much more important for us to find out and realize how we are reacting to the issue wholly. For instance if we consider the present scenario of our ICT sector, we are losing a lot to our neighbors willingly, in this case not only to our first neighbor but also to other distant neighbors including the one who are giving us after sales support from a distant island, whereas we are growing and gradually being capable to compete in international market and which is undoubtedly happening due to the aggressive approach to flourish this potential sector by our responsible authorities.
Regardless of our mindset towards purchasing foreign software and seeking reliability in other’s solution and services Bangladesh is on the verge of taking a strong stand globally in terms of growth in ICT industry. This growth can be escalated in a much further scale only if we realize the fact that we ourselves are efficient enough to feed our ICT need. We don’t need to make long distance call to an unknown ICT based solution provider from the other part of the world for the simple solution (e.g. ERP solution and Team Tracking Software) for our businesses and organizations anymore. Why this practice of seeking assistance from others when the solution is already there in your home? 

                                                                                                                                   Image Courtesy: LightCastle