Wednesday, 20 February 2013

ACL Intern Selected as a Session Chair for ICCSPA'13 in UAE

Ms. Sabah Shamsy, an intern with Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. was selected as a session chair for the First International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing and their Applications (ICCSPA'13) in Sharjah, UAE (February 12 – 14, 2013).  During the event she presented her paper on “EXIT Chart Analysis of Repeat Accumulate Codes for Log-BCJR Algorithm in Iterative Decoding” which will be published in IEEE Xplore next month.  Her presentation outlined a simplified version of the complex BCJR algorithm (used in wireless communications) that she developed by using a trellis diagram and then preformed the algorithm in a turbo-like code to analyze the performance.  Ms. Shamsy did her MSc in Wireless Communications from University of Southampton, UK, and is currently focusing on Network Latency and Alternative Energy.