Sunday, 18 November 2012

Creating Greater Transparency Through Digitization

BBS Consumer Price Index (CPI) Digitization

On the last day of August 2012, Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. (ACL) signed a contract with the Bangladesh Bureau Of Statics (BBS) to digitize the collection process of consumer prices for four index baskets.  This job entailed creating a system where BBS field employees (rural and urban) using a seven-inch tablet could seamlessly collect the required index information and directly send the prices to BBS headquarters. Along with the collected price, the BBS will be receiving GPS coordinates for each collected itemed along with a time/date stamp.  Reports as per the BBS requirement, will also be automatically generated and stored using a SaaS program developed by and hosted on a cloud server maintained by ACL. 

On November 11, ACL successfully demonstrated the completed digitized CPI process and is prepared to begin training 185 BBS employees nominated for training.  

Digitization of the CPI will not only reduce paperwork but it will also increase efficiency, accountability and transparency.  
This picture shows two CPI collectors, one using the traditional paper method (left)  and other using the tablet (right)  at a local market in Kurigram.  Whereas the paper method will take several days to be couriered to the main office where it will be manually entered into the system, the tablet information is sent directly, is automatically registered  and can be view immediately.