Sunday, 22 January 2012

BRAC Innovation Competition (Facebook)

Please visit the following link and "like" our and other posts that highlight innovative ideas/programs.  The competition closes at the end of the day of January 22, 2011.  The post is pasted below.

1. DIGITS TO ALL AND BRIDGING THE ILLITERACY WALL. Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. (“ACL”) is a private organization that utilizes technology to provide access to information to semi literate and illiterate persons so that they are empowered to use the information to enhance their ability to compete for goods and service that are rightfully theirs; effectively “Technology for Development”.
ACL’s ultimate goal is to bridge the Illiteracy Wall that deprives people who are unable to read to access information directly, and to procure and deliver an Amadeyr Tablet (see description of the Amadeyr Tablet on attached Exhibit A) for each household. The ACL “Digits to All” (“DTA”) project initiates an information loop delivery system starting with illiteracy proof content uploaded to the “Amadeyr Cloud”, which content is then accessed and comprehended by the user group through the “Amadeyr Tablets”. The Amadeyr Tablets will be given free of charge (for usage) to the user groups, and their usage of the tablets (and the fees generated from advertising and data mining) is expected to finance the purchase of the tablets. The loop terminates with the usage data being immediately relayed to the “Amadeyr Cloud”, completing an information delivery system analogous to Registered mail. This loop provides instant usage behavioral data of the users, which data in turn would contribute to the continuous customization of the content uploaded into the Amadeyr Cloud. The DTA model is ideal in optimizing poverty and illiteracy alleviation programs.
Further information on ACL and its projects may be found at, (blog), and our YouTube Channel

2. PROJECT BACKGROUND. With the assistance of Government of Bangladesh and A2I, ACL has sourced, programmed and loaded the tablets with over 25 hours of audio/visual illiterate proof content in the areas of (by not exclusive to) education, health, agriculture and general public services. In addition, ACL has developed and copyrighted various Android based software such as the “Okkhor “ application which teaches the user the Bangla alphabet by having them pass their finger over the letter which turns green when done correctly and gives an audio cue. Also notably, it has developed its own cloud which the first in country! ACL has a full time staff of software developers and maintains a strong technology transfer relationship with BRAC University.
Finally, of the 200 tablets that ACL had previously sourced and modified, around 140 were lent to households in a village in Gazipur, Bangladesh. These households participated in a four-month pilot project sponsored by ACL namely “Digits to All”. The pilot demonstrated the effectiveness of the Amadeyr Delivery System (ADS). Prior to the pilot, an independent survey company was hired to conduct a base-line and an end-line survey. The results of those surveys coupled with the “user usage” which was monitored at the server level (in terms of clicks) overwhelmingly confirmed the effectiveness of the ADS.
ACL is self-funded.

3. PROPOSED SECOND DEPLOYMENT. ACL is in the process of starting its second deployment which will include 100 households (average 5 persons per household) in Nizmawna village, Gazipur, Bangladesh. The second deployment will introduce further innovative usage of the ADS; Amadeyr Slate (a unique communication/instruction / pedagogical tool), Amadeyr Market – to enable direct sales of local produce to urban households, Amadeyr Apps Market – contents selection and updating, etc.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Okkhor Application on the Android Market (free version)

Here is a link to a lite version of the Okkhor Application which is free!

You will need to do the following:

  1. Using your Android device, go to the link below
  2. You will have to login to your Android Market account (or sign up)
  3. Then click install
  4. Enjoy!

 Okkhor Android Application (free)

Or you can scan the QR  picture below with your device to go directly to the applicaiton:

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Okkhor Application on the Android Market

You may have seen on our YouTube videos a demonstration of our Okkhor application or Assia Khatoon using it. The Okkhor application was designed to help the illiterate participants and small children in our pilot project (Digits to All), learn how to write the Bengali Alphabet.  

If you have a Android device and would like to learn how to write in Bengali please see the following link: