Monday, 5 December 2011

Amadeyr Cloud at eAsia 2011 Seminar in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The eAsia 2011 Seminar held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was a roaring success.  The eAsia seminar is an annual international Information and Communications Technologies ("ICT") for Development event (it was held last year in India).  The eAsia 2011 event provided the visitors and participants an opportunity to listen to internationally and locally recognized speakers speak on various subjects germane to ICT and the use of ICT in development and alleviation of poverty (see list of speakers at  Furthermore, the event gave the ever increasing number of hardware and software providers of Bangladesh the ability to showcase their work at the numerous stalls on the event grounds.  Throughout the 3 day event (from December 1-3), thousands of people flocked to view the products and hear about the services at the stalls and listen to the expert speakers at the various roundtables/workshops.

Amadeyr Cloud Ltd ("ACL") proudly presented its android software applications and locally implemented cloud capabilities to all the visitors who came to our stalls (out of which over 250 visitors became registered members of the Amadeyr Cloud).  I was incredibly happy to hear/view the positive feedback of the large number of visitors who crowded our stalls throughout the 3 days.  Furthermore, ACL's own Imran Ali, along with various private sector and government experts on the panel, presented on "Beyond Connectivity: Sustainable Business Model for Application and Content" by highlighting the success of ACL's "Digits to All" demonstration phase 1 start up in Gazipur and proposed model (advertising on the Tablets, Cloud membership fees, Cloud hosting fees, Application Market fees and Content fees) for sustaining the ACL initiatives and projects.  In addition to Imran's presentation, ACL's technical advisor Professor Mumit Khan of BRAC University presented, along with a handful of other individuals, at a 3 hour workshop on "Build Your Own Cloud."  Participants at both workshops appreciated the discourse and asked questions that were focused on the issues at hand.

Please see our photos from eAsia below.