Friday, 1 July 2011

Digits to All (DTA) program - 1st review

On our first review visit of the Digits To All program (DTA) on the 1st of July 2011 (which happened 2 weeks after the launching of the project on 17th June), we talked to several participants of the program. They were very glad to receive these devices and they said it is extremely helpful in their profession and their every day life. We are delighted to note some of the instant impact stories of the DTA program.

One of them said that he didn't know how to find out what is the right amount of fertilizers that should be used in the field. But after watching the fertilizer video contents on agriculture, he said he understood how he can control it. He also said that he couldn't read or write before but after he used the application called Okkhor (meaning alphabets in bangla) he can now identify the alphabets.

A poultry farmer who said that, before he got this device, he was planning to go to the local agricultural institute for a particular training on some issues he was facing with poultry farming. However, from Amadeyr Tablets he got what he was looking for from the livestock farming section of the video contents and was really glad about the fact that he could rewind, replay and revise all the contents at his convenience. He said he would no longer need to go and spend money to get the training.

Among the project participants is an elderly woman in the area who never got the chance to go to a school before. Today, with the help of the educational contents available in Amadeyr Tablet, she has learned to read and write at least 15 letters from the Bangla alphabets using the “Okkhor” application over the past two weeks.

All the project participants were extremely happy that they don't have to go around asking people about what to do,  but instead the information is being sent to them. The agricultural and the educational contents are a big hit in the DTA project noting faster pace of information transfer and larger retention. We are glad to see that the users are requesting for more information to be made available on the tablets based on their regular personal needs.

Having been exposed to information and the benefits of usage of information, has created a significant demand for newer information. Since the information that is being delivered is illiteracy proof, people of all literacy levels are benefited.

In a nutshell:

  1. People are really excited to be using Amadeyr Tablets.
  2. The farmers are finding it very useful in their agricultural activities
  3. Almost all the users went through most of the contents as reported by our statistics gathering algorithm
  4. They are extremely eager to receive newer contents
  5. Some have already implemented some of the alternative livelihoods that were suggested through Amadeyr Tablets
The challenges:
  1. Several parts of the villages don’t have electricity. As a result, they have to walk a long distance to charge their devices in the local bazaar
  2. Keeping up with our delivery of new contents to the tablets with the growing number of requests on specific topics from the users

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